Unusual monuments on New Boulevard in Batumi, where you can also find our hotel - Rock Hotel First Line

Coming to another city, you always want to find interesting “photo zones” or sculptures, where you can get interesting and extraordinary photos and selfies. There will be more than one such opportunity in Batumi. Some of the monuments will tell about dramatic stories, others will amuse by their ideas. We have selected the most interesting ones and are waiting for your options in the comments.

1. Sculpture “I, you and Batumi”. The bronze statue, which is located in the “Park of Wonders”, invites every tourist to the traditional Batumi coffee. The author of the sculpture is Irakli Tsuladze. This composition was opened in November 2012.

Sculpture "I, you and Batumi"

Sculpture “I, you and Batumi”. Photo: kurs.com.ua

2. Chacha Fountain. The tower with a fountain is located near the marina station, on the seafront, and was built in 2012. The height of the construction is 25 meters. Free chacha (grape vodka) flows from the fountain for 15 minutes once a week. The tower also has a clock, and it is lit by night lights in the evening, creating a pleasant magical atmosphere.

Chacha Fountain in Batumi

Chacha Fountain. Photo: wikimapia.org

3. Fountain “Neptune”. This sight in the Greek style is set in the center of the Theater Square opposite the Drama Theater named after Ilya Chavchavadze. And although it is a copy of the Italian fountain in Bologna, and many gourmets do not perceive it, considering it a pathetic parody, tourists love this place very much.

Fountain "Neptune" in Batumi

Fountain “Neptune”. Photo: allmyworld.ru

4. Monument to the Internet. There is a monument in shape resembling a snail, and actually in the form of “at” – @ on the New Boulevard in the city center opposite the Sheraton Hotel, which is used in writing all email addresses. It is devoted to the internet. It can be seen both from the sea and from the city. From the sea it is painted orange, with the reverse – in white.

Monument to the Internet in Batumi

Monument to the Internet. Photo: batumilife.ru

5. Sculpture “Rotation”. The idea itself is very interesting – it reflects the reunion of the woman and the man, and symbolizes the change of time. It is located opposite the House of Justice. The author of the project is Tamara Kvesitadze.

Sculpture “Rotation” in Batumi

Sculpture “Rotation”. Photo: vpoisketurov.ru

6. Monument to Michael DʻAlfonso. This person is also called the good genius of the Batumi coast. A gardener-decorator turned the coastal zones into beautiful parks for 4 years (1885-1889).

Monument to Michael DʻAlfonso in Batumi

Monument to Michael DʻAlfonso. Photo: batumilife.ru

7. Sculptures of sneakers and shoes. On Batumi Boulevard every tourist has the opportunity to try big sneakers Nike and shoes and take a photo with them. You can find wonder shoes not far from the Alphabetic tower and the Chacha Fountain.

Sculpture of shoes in Batumi

Sculpture of shoes. Photo: batumilife.ru

8. Fountain “Lady with a dog on a bicycle”. The picturesque fountain is located on Batumi Boulevard, installed in 2012. Wheels are spinning thanks to water cannons, and one can imagine that a girl rides a bicycle on water.

Fountain "Lady with a dog on a bicycle" in Batumi

Fountain “Lady with a dog on a bicycle”. Photo: lookmytrips.com

9. Sculpture “Ali and Nino”. The project was created by Tamara Kvesitadze. The monument was installed in 2010. The sculpture symbolizes the heroes of the novel Kurban Said, which tells the tragic love story of young muslim and the Georgian princess Nino. Huge statues every 10 minutes diverge and then reunite. At night, when the lights come on, the sight is simply enchanting. Luminous figures will leave a mark in your heart for a long time. The 7-meter statues are located at the beginning of the Batumi boulevard.

Sculpture "Ali and Nino" in Batumi

Sculpture “Ali and Nino”. Photo: iz.com.ua

10. Sculptures with hearts. Original metal sculptures are located along the seashore – a golfer, loving couple, a roller. They are made simple and straightforward, but create a mood. They became a real symbol of Batumi.

Sculptures with hearts

Sculptures with hearts

Having walk around the city for some time, you probably want to relax. Our hotel in the rock style Rock Hotel First Line is located in 50 meters from the seashore at Sheriff Khimshiashvili street 15-А on 9th floor. Dear guests, we are waiting for you at any time of the day or night!

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