New Boulevard area in Batumi where there is Rock Hotel First Line

Not only textbooks, but also architecture around speak for the centuries-old history of Batumi. Therefore, the tourist center is interesting to visit not only in the swimming season, but at any other time of year. Just walk through the streets, paying attention to old buildings and historical monuments, sit in quiet cafes with a cup of aromatic coffee, catch the details, capturing them in your memory and heart – is this not a pleasure? Step by step, exploring the city, you`ll understand that you will return here more than once. The most impressive is the combination of ancient buildings, which have been around for more than one century, and modern buildings that are exquisite and turn your mind. Our top which is necessary to see.

1. Black Sea Technological University Batumi Tower. The 200-meter tower is one of the main projects of Saakashvili, which, unfortunately, was not completed. According to the initial plan, the 36-floor building had to be used as an American-Georgian university, but in 2015 it was sold at auction for $ 25 million to RED-co as business center. The highlight of the building is the Ferris Wheel on the 27th floor with 8 capsules, from where it is possible to inspect Batumi from a bird’s-eye view. While the wheel is part of the decor and it is unknown whether it will be used for its intended purpose.

Black Sea Technological University Batumi Tower

Black Sea Technological University Batumi Tower. Photo:

2. The House of Justice. The building has an original architectural idea. It was built in the form of an inverted bottle which has 17 floors. The author of the project is the architect Michelle de Lucca. All legal issues are resolved here. In addition, the building has a cafe and children’s room. The House of Justice looks especially beautiful at night when it is illuminated with lights.

The House of Justice

The House of Justice. Photo:

3. The Register Office. The Wedding Palace is one of the most unusual buildings in Batumi and around the world. In appearance it resembles a “dolphin”, some people see it as a “shell” – everyone has its own association. Work in the institution is conducted day and night. In the evening the building has a backlight that creates a magical atmosphere on the boulevard.

The Register Office in Batumi

The Register Office. Photo:

4. McDonalds. It is another building in a futuristic style with a very extraordinary design. The project was developed by architect George Khmaladze. The interior of the cafe also has its own interesting features. Outside the walls of the building are multi-level framework, look like stained-glass windows. Mirror glasses reflect the sky, people and nature around. There are two ponds near the cafe where ships float advertising the company.

McDonald`s in Batumi

McDonald`s. Photo:

5. Orbi Sea Towers. They are located in the New Boulevard area. The building takes the seventh place among the highest skyscrapers of Georgia. Height is 130 meters, it has 25-34 floors. Apartments and rooms located in Orbi Sea Towers overlooking the sea.

Orbi Sea Towers

Orbi Sea Towers. Photo:

On the 9th floor of this unique skyscraper you can easily find our atmospheric hotel in the rock style – Rock Hotel First Line. We are located in 50 meters from the seashare. Come to us to feel refreshment of mind and body! We are always waiting for you!

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