City beach in 50 meters from the sea

Batumi beaches

First and foremost, Batumi now is considered one of the most popular tourist centers, where people with pleasure go (fly) to swim. And as soon as the swimming season are coming, let’s talk about what beaches are in and near Batumi.

City beach

The main beach along the shore, which is free, takes 7 kilometers, and its width is more than 30 meters. This area is planted with palm trees, which creates the impression of a paradise. There is a red bike path for fans of active leisure. Many tourists, arriving somewhere on the sea, complain that during the peak season there is no place when you come later on the beach – and there is nowhere to settle. There is no such problem here – there is enough space for everyone.

The Alphabetic Tower.

The Alphabetic Tower. Photo:

The beach is covered with pebbles, which is a big plus. After all, it is already a popular fact that the foot massage with hot pebbles has a very beneficial effect on health and it is a panacea for many diseases. In addition, you, your clothes and things will remain clean. Batumi seaside is unpolluted, every day it is cleaned, there are urns.

You can rent a lounger or a sun shade, the cost is 2-4 GEL per day.

Breakfast and lunch for a relatively small amount can be in cafes and eateries, which are very many.

The shoreline is divided into several sections:

1) The Alphabetic Tower – a zone characterized by clear water and a more calm sea;

2) The center – a lot of people, fun, cafes, street musicians, dances, street food, discos;

3) The Hilton Hotel – the are few tourists;

4) The area of ​​new buildings – the number of tourists increases every year;

5) The New Boulevard – only one five-star hotel and private houses, so the infrastructure is not perfect yet;

6) The Wild Beach – the place where the least number of people; for those who like solitude.

The Wild Beach.

The Wild Beach. Photo: v-georgia

The best beaches near Batumi are located in 15-60 kilometers from the city. You will not spending  most of the time there, but to go and spend at least one day on each of them will be interesting.

Ureci beach

Ureci beach is sand beach of Batumi. Despite the inconvenience that sand carries, many people still prefer it to pebbles. Small village of Ureki, which is located in 50 kilometers from the city, is famous for its black magnetic sands. People come here to heal, since magnetized sand is used in magnetotherapy (they treat diseases of the heart, lungs, nervous system, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, increase immunity, etc.). The sand temperature reaches fifty degrees at the end of summer. Doctors do not recommend walking on it without shoes, but it is useful to bury oneself in the sand. It is better not  to put the mobile devices on the sands not to spoil the technique.

Ureci beach

Ureci beach. Photo:

Contraindications: magnetotherapy is not recommended for people who have tuberculosis, asthma, malignant tumor, blood problems.

The sea is warm, children are safe to swim there (there is deep far from the shore).

The beach is full of sea attractions and entertainment places for fun, which can be found on the Batumi seashore (water slides, scooters, bananas, boat trips, parachute and much more). Around the beach there is also a forest where pine trees predominate. Just imagine what kind of air there is!

Kvariati beach

It is located in 15 kilometers from Batumi in the village of Kvariati between Gonio and Sarpi among the mountains. That’s why there you can feel a wonderful cocktail of mountain and sea air. The length of the beach is 1 kilometer, covered with pebbles. There are many entertainments and cafes, but this place is most popular with its insanely beautiful underwater world, because of what people there are engaged in diving. This is the only place in Georgia where a diving center is.

Kvariati beach

Kvariati beach. Photo:

Gonio beach

It is known as the beach near the fortress “Gonio”. Most tourists come here to visit this landmark. But since this is a small town, there are no special entertainments and usual beach amenities there. Also on the beach there are big pebbles on which it is inconvenient to lie. But the coast has its own zest: despite described above minuses, there are few people here, clean water and shore. People who like to wander along the beach, where are few vacationers, like this place.

Gonio beach

Gonio beach. Photo:

Beach in Sarpi

It is on the border with Turkey, characterized by large waves and clear water. The beach is clean, covered with pebbles, with hammocks and sunbeds for different tastes, the price of which is 1-3 GEL per day. There are still sofas, costing 7-10 GEL per hour. This beach is quiet and calm, but there is not a lot of entertainments. Therefore, it is more suitable for elderly people who want peace and tranquility. Food in the cafe and fast food is more expensive than in Batumi.

Beach in Sarpi

Beach in Sarpi. Photo:

Green Paradise Beach

It is located near the Botanical Garden. Most often it is visited just after a walk in the garden.

Characterized by a greenish shade of water and a lot of greenery on the seashore, thanks to which there is wonderful air. There is a cafe with affordable prices.

Green Paradise Beach

Green Paradise Beach. Photo:

An amusing sight – the destroyed iron bridge behind which rest and fry shish kebab having a rest. In general, this place is more popular for young people.


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