Top 10 sights of Batumi near Rock Hotel First Line

There are a lot of beautiful places which you can visit and get aesthetic pleasure, fill with energy for new achievements and have a rest for your soul in Batumi. But if you are limited number of days in this wonderful city, you will not have time to visit and see everything. Therefore, we suggest you to consider the list of the main attractions of Batumi and choose for yourself the most suitable and interesting options.

1. Astronomical clock. The golden tower of the National Bank of Georgia is decorated with unique watches, particularity of which is  beautiful golden design. In addition, they are multifunctional: they show not only time, but also the location of the sun and moon, planets and zodiac stars, the meridian. So they will be particularly interesting for those who loves astronomy. New melody plays each hour. The bank’s building is located in the center of Batumi on Memed Abashidze Avenue.

Astronomical clock

Astronomical clock. Photo:

2. Orta Jami Mosque. This Muslim temple, which is located between Aziz Mosque and Ahmed Pasha Jame, was built in 1886. “Orta” is translated as “in the middle” – hence the name of the mosque. During the restoration, an Islamic tower was also built near the two-story building, which is an architectural highlight. The mosque is painted with delightful oriental patterns inside. In Batumi, this is the only active temple of this denomination.

Orta Jami Mosque

Orta Jami Mosque. Photo:

3. Colonnades in Batumi. The idea to create such beauty came to the head of the Batumi doctor Ivane Mchedlidze after he visited Italy in the 30s. The project was created by the Batumi architect Bogdan Kirakosyan. In 1934, the colonnades were erected as a gateway to the Embankment on the territory of Primorsky Boulevard. They are located on the shores of the Black Sea, offering a wonderful view. A similar attraction built at the entrance to the 6 May Park.

Colonnades in Batumi

Colonnades in Batumi. Photo:

4. Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum. For those who love history, it is imperative to visit this place, which has 2000 exhibits on technical topics. Part of the exhibition is devoted to printing and photo art. The museum is located in 5-10 minutes walk from the train station. Monday is a day off. Work from 10 am to 6 pm. Entrance fee: for adults is 2 GEL, for students and schoolchildren – 1 and 0.5 GEL relatively, for children under 6 years old and beneficiaries free.

Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum

Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum. Photo:

5. Batumi Art and Musical Center. The building was built in 2004. In 2011 there was a reconstruction. First it have witnessed the Socialist Realist style and after the update it is Modern style. In the main hall there is a luxurious modern design with comfortable Spanish armchairs (1,100 pieces) and a huge chandelier. On the 3rd floor everything is equipped for jazz concerts.

Batumi Art and Musical Center

Batumi Art and Musical Center. Photo:

6. Church of St. Nicholas. The temple is over 150 years old. The initiators of the construction of this shrine were the Greeks. Construction work on the land belonging to Ilya Efremidi began in 1865. Since 1894 there were girls` and boys` schools, a church choir, which were positioned as the best in the city. During the Soviet period, the building was given for state needs. For about twenty years, the temple was not working. Only since 1946, faithful again had been able to visit services. Now the cathedral is one of the main historical and cultural monuments of Batumi.

Church of St. Nicholas

Church of St. Nicholas. Photo:

7. Church of the Holy Christ of All Savior. The architectural structure was built of stone in the ascetic style in 1887. The beauty of the building is just in its simplicity. The Armenian Apostolic Church has an interesting feature – stained glass windows with 8-pointed stars. Orthodox traditionally do not use such symbolism. It is more characteristic for ancient Christianity, at the source of which were Armenians.

Church of the Holy Christ of All Savior

Church of the Holy Christ of All Savior. Photo:

8. Piazza Square. It`s located near the city hall, in the historic part of the city, opened in 2010. It resembles the Italian Square of St. Mark in its color. There are coffee shops, bars, restaurants and shops. The total area of ​​the territory is about 6 thousand square meters. The architectural design of buildings resembles a palace, decorated with stained glass windows and mosaics. The area where the holiday atmosphere constantly reigns is very popular among tourists.

Piazza Square

Piazza Square. Photo:

9. Europe Square. It`s located in the center of Old Batumi. This name was acquired after Ajaria joined the Assembly of European Regions. It`s known thanks to a hundred-meter statue of Medea established in 2007. It symbolizes wealth and power. The area is popular not only among tourists, but also among locals. There often arrange international events such as concerts, various holidays and festivals.

Europe Square

Europe Square. Photo:

10. Seaside Park in Batumi. This place is loved not only by tourists, but also by residents of the city. There are dancing fountains, alleys, cafes, disco clubs, restaurants, playgrounds and entertainment for children, sports grounds and tennis courts.

Seaside Park in Batumi

Seaside Park in Batumi. Photo:

If you come to Batumi for a long time, then you have the opportunity to visit other attractions that are in the vicinity of the city. Some of them will take half a day, others will take several days, considering the round trip and the time for the excursion.

11. Gonio Fortress. The fortress of Gonio became a museum-reserve in 1994. It is located 15 kilometers south of Batumi and 5 kilometers from the Turkish border. On the territory of the fortress one of the main shrines of Christianity is the tomb of the holy Apostle Matthew. According to legend, he was tortured and buried here. The height of the walls of the fortress reaches 5 meters. At present, 18 towers of the 22 have survived. The interesting historical monuments on the territory of the museum-reserve are the ruins of the hippodrome and the Roman theater. Entrance to the museum is 3 GEL.

Gonio Fortress

Gonio Fortress. Photo:

12. Racha. Locals call this area Georgian Switzerland. The mountainous region in the west of Georgia is worth the time spent on it – nature, caves, an ancient monastery. If you leave Batumi, then with spending the night and return, trip will take about two days. Racha is located 230 kilometers from Batumi (3-4 hours).


Racha. Photo:

13. Okatse Canyon. It is a gorge of the river Okatse. Above the canyon it is a bridge, the length of which is 1 kilometer, and the height is 140 meters. If you are afraid of heights, the idea to visit this place is risky. But the beautiful landscapes are worth it. The canyon is located 50 kilometers from Kutaisi. You can access from Batumi to Kutaisi by car in 2 hours and 25 minutes (144 kilometers) or by bus for 10-15 GEL. From Kutaisi bus station to the Khonsky district where the canyon is located you can take a taxi for 30 GEL.

Okatse Canyon

Okatse Canyon. Photo:

14. Prometheus Cave. The cave is located 20 kilometers from Kutaisi. There are rivers and underground lakes  inside it, bats dwell there as well . A charming atmosphere is created by liquid crystal lamps, illuminating everything around, and classical music.

Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave. Photo:

15. Martvili Canyon. The narrow canyon, two and a half kilometers long and 50-70 meters deep, is formed among the mountains and rocks by the Abasha River. Clean air, beautiful nature, boat trips, waterfall – all of it fascinates. You can rent a car for 200-350 GEL (the cost depends on the number of places visited) to get there.

Martvili Canyon

Martvili Canyon. Photo:

16. Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve. It is not as interesting as the Prometheus Cave, but it is more comfortable there, because there are much fewer tourists and there is an opportunity to wander quietly and consider everything. Another unique feature is the dinosaur footprints in the cave, which are about 150 million years old. In the reserve, necessarily to visit the glass viewing platform, which is located above a deep precipice – an unforgettable experience. The reserve is located 150 kilometers from Batumi. Taxi fare is 250 GEL. You can save: get by bus from Batumi to Kutaisi for 10-15 GEL in 2.5 hours, and from Kutaisi to the reserve by bus number 45 in 40 minutes for 1.5 GEL.

Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve

Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve. Photo:

17. Machakhela Gorge. It is located 20 kilometers from Batumi. There are many historical monuments and beautiful nature. A powerful mountain river, waterfalls, arched bridges, beautiful landscapes, the fortress Gvar, an ethnographic museum with many exhibits – all of it is included in the tour. It is better to drive with company, because the cost of an excursion of $120 is calculated for 6 people, but even if one or two people go, the price remains the same.

Machakhela Gorge

Machakhela Gorge. Photo:

18. Makhuntseti Waterfall. Its height is 30 meters. The sound of mountain water and nature enchant. Necessarily to swim in the warm and crystal clear water at the bottom. The waterfall is located 30 kilometers from Batumi. The trip time is 40 minutes by bus number 77 from the bus station (1.5-2 GEL).

Makhuntseti Waterfall

Makhuntseti Waterfall. Photo:

19. Waterfall of St. Andrew the First Called. It is located 12 kilometers from Batumi between Sarpi and Kvariati. The monument to Andrew the First-Called was opened near it in 2008, where tourists are often photographed. Stone statues are made in the very interesting style. Here you can take a taxi for 20 GEL.

Waterfall of St. Andrew the First Called

Waterfall of St. Andrew the First Called. Photo:

20. Mtirala National Park. The park occupies 6,000 hectares. You will see springs, waterfalls and small lakes, mineral springs, unique plants from the Red Book, boxwood grove – in other words, the Georgian jungle is provided for you. The park is located 12 kilometers from Batumi. You can get there by taxi. The round trip cost plus 3 hours of waiting is 50-60 GEL.

Mtirala National Park

Mtirala National Park. Photo:

These are not all interesting places and sights that can be seen, because Batumi is full of wonders and unexpected surprises. While you are in this magical city, enjoy and be inspired!


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